Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Google

Happy Birthday Google

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Love Dating Sim For Girls Review

Much like most other dating simulation games, the main target audience for these types of games is young girls. Your ultimate goal is to build a relationship with a partner you might fancy in hopes to make them your boyfriend (or girlfriend).

The main difference I admired about Love Dating Sim For Girls is that you are able to have a same-sex relationship with another woman. It is one of the few games I've seen that allows you to have an open gay relationship. The only other game I know that did this is RPG game, Mass Effect.

As aforementioned, your ultimate goal is to land yourself a boyfriend and/or girlfriend at the end of the game. You only have 30 days to build a strong enough connection to your potential partner to be. Talking to them at first and getting to know them is the best way for you to build a relationship. It's advisable that you only talk to one person at a time. You don't want to be two-timing or else you partner will think you're cheating on them! Although you are able to do this if you really wanted to.

Unlike other dating sim games I've played in the past, this one you have to pay attention to the person you're talking to earn their trust. Sometimes I forget what they're saying so I was unable to gain that person's trust. Luckily for me, you can earn their trust by other means. The easiest way to do this is by purchasing gifts for your potential partner to be.

The only thing I did not like about the game is it can be quite repetitive. Going through each day just talking to a guy (or girl) can be very boring at times. Thankfully the graphics and animations are bright so it does help excite things.

Love Dating Sim For Girls may not be the most groundbreaking video game I've ever played, but the ability for you to have a same sex relationship in the game is a good thing. There aren't too many games I've played that uses gay characters in a normal way. Most games (and other media) use gay characters as a source of humiliation and ridicule. This is a good step in the right direction if gay people are to be accepted in normal society. Let's hope future games being made use this as an example.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Anaheim known for home of Disneyland

Anaheim is worldwide famous destination for its home Disneyland, adventurous in the united states of California. This city is situated in the southern of California. Recently, I visit this city with my friends for enjoying holidays. By getting closer to this city we feel very happy and enjoy our holidays. We went to this city by air and for staying we reserved our Anaheim hotels from a travel site which gives us a list of cheap hotels anaheim. All the hotels were available on discount offer with all the modern facilities. We went to this city by air for four days.

Past year I went to Chicago and got a amazing cheap hotels by a long online search. You can tri this keyword for other cities hotels search-cheap hotels in Orlando, cheap hotels in dallas and cheap hotels in Denver.

First day we leave our house early morning and fly to this city with an excitement in heart. First we reached to this city; leave our flight at Los Angeles international airport and caught train to get this city. As we reached to this city, we feel very happy and hire a taxi to get our final destination means our hotel. We spend our first day of trip in journey, rest, and interaction with Anaheim people.

The next day, all of us get up early morning, get ready, and went to destinations of this city. This day, first of all we went to see Disneyland which was the most attraction of this city and draws many visitors. This Disneyland Park was looking like a magic kingdom. We spend our all days at this park because this destination meets up with a lot of activities by which we can’t take time for other destinations.

On the third day, we went for the other attractions of this city like California adventure, Water Park, museums, and other. All these sights were very nice which enjoyed our great adventurous of life. This day, we also enjoyed the nightlife of this city.

On the last day, we went to garden walk which was containing with a lot of shops and market from where I and my friend take some good things and came back to hotel with these nice memories. At the time of evening, we leave our hotel, reached to airport by train and fly to our hometown with moments and memories of this city.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trip In New York City

New York City is a historical city which is the good traveling for visitor. The visitor can see a lot of parks, museums, theaters and beaches. This city is most popular for its destination, nightlife, sightseeing and one of the most attractive city for tourists. My girl friend is visiting this city first time the grand tour of New York city is a comprehensive tour of the USA area and It is our most popular tour because of my first dating trip and celebrate in this city. My girl friend was so happy in this trip. My girl friend is a very beautiful, hot, sexy, figure is slim and pleases my eyes.I impressed her with Beautiful love quotes and poems. I reached this city by John F. Kennedy International Airport. This airport was very beautiful and nice. There are good travel facilities of visitor include train, bus and taxi. But I called taxi and reached to my hotel at noon. After that I went to restaurant and I take light food and I came back to hotel and I planed my next day trip. Next morning I went to see the Statue of Liberty which was very nice and beautiful museum. The Statue of Liberty is the good attraction point in this city. Museum of modern arts was the most comprehensive collection of modern art include laptops, phones, cameras in the world, and is so large as to require multiple visits to see all of the works on display. There are many adventurous beaches for spending holidays. There you can watch sea animal like whales, turtles many more. The Hudson River there is great adventure of kayaking, boating, swimming, and fishing. You can hire boat and do adveanture sports. Walking along the beaches is a good enjoyment of life.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Long Distance Love and Dating How to Stay Happy

Long Distance Love and Dating

When it comes to long distance love and dating, it is sometimes not the easiest journey in love. When you are dating someone who you really like, but the only thing keeping you apart is the distance, it can get tough sometimes. But the good news is, you can still make it last happily.

It would be the perfect world if we would meet the man or woman of our dreams living just down the street, or at least in the same city. But sometimes after years of looking for that special person, we meet them living in another city, country, or even continent.

So should you give up love just because of the physical distance, or do you want to find a way to make it work and keep your love and passion alive?

The Story of Love Distance Love, and How to Make It Happily Last

That was the question I had to ask myself a few years ago when I was doing some business in Malaysia and met this wonderful guy from Holland, doing some biochemistry research there as well.

We started seeing each other in Malaysia and instantly we had a connection. Since we both had to go back to our countries, we were in different continents there. So from then on, it was honestly a challenge to keep our love and passion strong for a year, seeing each other only on vacation opportunities on and off, until he could finally switch his career and move to the States to live together.

So why am I sharing this story with you?

Because based on personal experience, I really believe it is by all means possible to keep your fire alive when dating someone long distance. You just need to know some insider tips and secrets to make your long distance relationship happily last. Here are top 3 tips to help you...

1. Keep Your Constant Touch

When you don't live just around the corner together, sometimes it's tricky to lose touch for a while. Don't. Sometimes one time is enough to grow you apart emotionally from each other, and because you are not there to cuddle and make it up, you may never get back your intimacy for a long time.

So no matter how busy you may be, always keep in regular contact: sending emails, romantic e-cards, romantic love poems, SMSes, calls, video chats, and more. Be a real part of each other's lives.

2. Be There When You Are Needed the Most

Sometimes we may be going through a tough time and really need someone to be there to talk to and hug. Even though you can't be there physically to give your partner a hug in those days, you can still show him/her your full support and understanding in other ways.

It is in these times and the value of your love is demonstrated in actions the most, and it gives your love and intimacy a boost and will re-ignite the fire of your love.

3. Find Opportunities to Meet Each Other as Often as Possible

Even though you can keep your love alive with long distance dating, still nothing can compare to a real kiss, hug, or sleeping in each other's arms and feeling loved and safe.

So whether it is during the holidays, Christmas, you and your partner's birthdays, or other occasions, try to arrange to see each other - even if for a few days. You'll be surprised how it will do wonders in making your love bloom all over again.

Best of luck with your long distance dating journey!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Dating Tips For Men

Men Dating Tips

Dating can be rather intimidating, if not difficult to say the least, particularly for men who lack experience and have no idea what to do or how to act. What's sad is that most men are a great catch. However, they lack the know-how when it comes to the dating game, and can somehow never seem to maintain a woman's interest.

1. Be Brave

When it comes to dating, you have to show your confident side. Displaying confidence can be quite the barrier to cross when you're so comfortable with insecurity. You're not necessarily making big changes, but rather, making a decision to feel better about yourself. A confident man always catches the attention of women and maintains it.

2. Be Interesting

Dating entails a lot of things, with one of them being conversation. Knowing how to start and maintain an interesting conversation is very important, as it shows you are someone who has something to talk about. Instead of talking about things that only appeal to you, ask questions about what she is into. Displaying your sincere interest in her will make you an interesting person in her eyes.

3. Get Ready to Date

As much as most men may like to assume, you can't just jump out onto the dating scene without being prepared. If your life is full of personal issues and concerns, better to take care of those first rather than bring someone else down with you. If you're not ready, do everything you can to prepare.

4. Decide What "Type" of Dating Your Interested In

Are you dating just for fun, or are you seeking out "the one"? Not knowing what type of dating you're interested in will leave you feeling confused and possibly ruin your dating experience altogether if you meet someone who is not after the same things as you are. Better to figure this one out sooner than later.

5. Know Your Compatibility

It's clear that everyone has a certain type of individual they're attracted to. Some men like high-class women who are intelligent and successful, while others prefer a small-town girl who enjoys the outdoors. Setting your aim on someone who you clearly have nothing in common with will cause you to fail in the dating game miserably. Choose your women wisely.

6. Take Breaks

If you push yourself too hard, you'll suck all the joy out of dating. Within a short period, you'll become drained and possibly disgusted with dating altogether. Perhaps things just aren't working out. Maybe it's them, or maybe it's you. Most likely, you haven't been taking care of yourself. Even the most "simple" guys can enjoy themselves on dates. If it's not working out, take break and take out some personal time for yourself.

7. Don't Ever Be Too Available

While you may know deep down inside that you've possibly met "the one", don't let them know that upfront, you don't want to ruin what could turn into a good thing. Hold back your thoughts, emotions, and give it some time - but don't wait too long. Don't answer your phone every time they call, and don't express your undying love too soon either because it just might cause them to lose interest.

8. Re-create Yourself

You don't have to change who you are, but do things for yourself that make you appear and feel more confident. Sometimes, buying new clothes or getting a new haircut is just what a guy needs to re-create himself. Go out and do things with your friends that help you to liven up and feel more sociable. Whatever you do, don't stay cooped up in the house.

9. Don't Sleep With Your Date

Don't ever start sleeping with someone too soon, unless you want to lose all respect for yourself and them. Instead, hold out and get to know the person. Sleeping with someone before a connection is made is like taking a gun to a possibly great relationship and murdering it on the spot.

10. Be Into It

If you're not into dating, don't do it. You should never force yourself to go out on a night when your heart and mind isn't into it. Having other things to do is a natural part of adult life, so if you can't make it, let your date know. It's much better to avoid going out when you're not into it than to spoil what could have turned into a great time on another night.

Dating can be a complicated issue. I hope these tips will be helpful to someone.

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