Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why People Love Online Dating

Love Online Dating

With the arrival of the Internet, online dating has become a fad amongst the people of the world. The Internet has given them a lot of capabilities that they didn't have prior to the Internet entering their lives. More than happy with this new arrangement, people have recognized the option of online dating when it comes to their need to forge a relationship with someone that might just be their better half.
Despite the risks that people claim about online dating, still a sizable number of the global population subscribe to it. Let us discuss the reasons why people love to date online as opposed to dating people that can be found in their local area.

There are More Prospects

Basically, you have a lot more prospective partners when you use the Internet. In real life, it is difficult to find that person who jives with you without having to spend a lot of time trying to find out if he has the same interests as you do or he has traits that you would like to find in a partner. With online dating, however, you can find that information easily on the person's profile. You can see what topics he is interested in, what books he likes and other information that can help you judge if the person is likely to jive with you and the way you think. The Internet has also provided a source of networking for people. If you don't get along well with the people in your area, chances are you can still build a network of friends, not just people to date, using the Internet.

Distance Doesn't Matter

One of the best things about the Internet is that it bridges the distance from one person to another. With just a computer and a good Internet connection, one can get in touch with someone else even if they have been separated by thousands of miles. In other words, the world has gotten smaller and everyone has become closer to each with the technology of the Internet. Instant messaging provides a method through which can communicate in real time with each other. Email can give one that capability to some extent because mails are received in a matter of seconds.

Nowadays, technology has also improved greatly that video chatting is possible. The data transfer capabilities of broadband now allows people to chat and see a video of the other person on the line in a bid to simulate the experience of being there in front of the person you are talking to. In a way, video chatting is also a way for two people in an online relationship to build trust because none of them is hiding behind the veil of anonymity that the Internet is otherwise known for.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Universality of Love

"Love" A Small Word ... But This Word Has The Power To Rule The World. It's A Great Feeling To Be In Love. The Most Imp Question "Have You Ever Been In 'Love' Before??.." Some Would Say Yes To It And Some No. The Person Who Is In Love Has The Most Beautiful Life To Live. He Is The Most Powerful Person On The Planet.

Journey Of "Love" Is Like The Journey Of Life. If You Don't Stop Living Your Life Why You Should Stop Loving!! Love Can Be Defined As The Bond Between Two Individual Who Come Close By Gods Wish But Stay Together By Their Wish. It Was Because Of Love That Adam And Eve Came On This Earth. But In Today's World Love Has Got The Different Meaning. Some Say Love Is A Lust. And Some Say Love Is Life!!

"Love Is Like Death, Can Strike Anytime, Anywhere"

Love Is Living In The Feeling Rather Then Living Off The Feeling. "Life Is Beautiful". Life Becomes Beautiful Because Of Love ... Today Also Some People Say Love Is The Most Common Thing. One Can Agree Upon This If That Love Is True And Fair On Both The Side. Sky Is The Limit For Love ... One Cannot Know The Limit Of The Sky Similarly One Cannot Know The Limit Of Love . Love Is Not Guarded By Any One , Love Is The Wonderful Gift Given By One Individual To Other.

Love Has No Boundaries To Secure, No Walls To Look Upon. It's A Lovely Feeling, It's A Walk Through Heaven. One Who Lives For Love And Dies In Love Is The Most Fortunate Person. Love Is The Treasure Of Ones Life. The Person In Love Is The Most Richest Person Because He Has Got The Most Precious Possession Which Even The Richest Person On Planet Has Not Got.

There Are Arguments In Favor Of Love And In Against Of Love .. In Today's Modern And Dynamic World People Say They Don Have Time To Fall In Love. But They Dont Know That One Doesn't Fall In Love , Instead They Rise In Love .. With The Support Of Love One Can Win Any Battle Of His Life. Just Ask The Person Who Is In Love That "How Is Life To Him/Her"? The Answer Will Be Life Is Love And Love Is Life For Us.. There Are Some Weak Points In Love But Who The Hell Cares .. Just Keep On Loving ... Because Love Is The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth........

When A Person Whom You Love , Rejects You , Don't Be Upset Because You Have Lost A Person Who Never Loved You But That Person Has Lost The Person Who Always Loved Her.....What Is Love???? Those Who Don't Have , Calls It A Responsibility, Those Who Play In Love Calls It A Game , Those Who Don't Have Calls It A Dream And Those Who Have Calls It A Life...In Life Don't Love The Person Whose Love For You Changes With Time , But Love The Person Whose Love Remains Same Even When The Time Changes. It Is Said That " Speak Less To The Person You Love Most Because If They Cant Understand Your Silence They Will Never Understand Your Words "..

Some Say That Falling In Love Is The Secret Ambition And Some Say That Finding Love Is The Greatest Tension .. Its Ordinary To Love A Marvelous , But It Is Marvelous To Love An Ordinary... Anyone Can Love A Rose But It Takes A Great Deal To Love A Leaf.. Learn To Love The People Who Are Willing To Love You At Present , Forget The People In The Past And Thank Them For Hurting You Which Helped You To Love The People You Have Today ... Again What Is "Love"??? Its That Time When You Are Willing To Make Yourself Miserable To Make Someone Else Happy !!! This Is Called Love.

There Are Three Simple Ways To Die, First: Take Poison... Second: Jump Into The Well And Third: Cut Your Nerves .. But If You Can't Do This Much Than The Most Easiest Way To Die Is " Just Fall In Love ".... The One Who Loves You The Most Sometimes Hurts You The Most , But Don't Feel Bad Because That Person Is The Only One Person Who Will Feel Your Pain . Its Like That " If You Are Not In Love You Are Missing Everything In Life And If You Are In Love With Some One And Not Getting That Person You Are Missing Everything In Life. You don't have to get lucky in love. You can be smart!


At Last, Some Love Quotes From The Well known Authors:

"Three Great Virtues Are Faith, Hope and Love.
But The Greatest Of These Is Love"

"Love Is Not About Finding The Right Person, But Creating The Right Relationship. It's Not About How Much Love You Have In The Beginning But How Much Love You Build Till The End"

"Love Is A Strong Positive Emotion Of Regard And Affection. It Is The Deepest Of Emotions. Love Is Also The Object Of Warm Affection Or Devotion"

Finally, Love Is What Can Be Felt But Can't Be Told.. It Can Be Given But Not Sold .. It Comes When You Don't Need It But Leaves You When You Need It The Most!!! So Always Remember Never Hate A Person Because By Hating Him You Are Loving Him The Most ....


Friday, August 26, 2011

Can You Deeply Love While Dating?

Answering the question - what is dating might help in resolving this question of whether you can deeply love while dating?

Dating is a meeting or appointment between two people of opposite sex designed to enable them consider each other for other higher relationships such as courtship and marriage. It should be seen as a preliminary relationship that precedes the opportunity for marriage.

Responding to the above question from this premise, it then appears that loving at all at this stage is inappropriate. Dating is like a pre-selection process. During dating you have not really decided that a man or woman is worthy of your time. You are just trying to find out.

If you even lightly love someone you are dating, then the status changes. So you cannot 'deeply love' the person you are dating. Without fear of raising the dust of serious controversy, it should be stated that the feeling you call love for any person you have just met or in a dating stage of relationship with is NOT LOVE. There are two things that best describe or influence those feelings you - your ego and chemistry.

When you meet someone you admire, your ego goes to work and wants to prove that you are the one who has or owns this SPECIAL SOMEONE. This is your ego at work. It manifests in a number of other ways. The second influence that fires and raises sensations in your brain is called chemistry. You can call it chemical reaction. With the building of admiration for or adoration of a beautiful woman or handsome man, or one that appears to have lots of money, each time you are in the person's presence, your brain secretes volumes of chemicals, which saturates your brain and blood stream.

This chemical reaction fires up your physical emotions. You can call it nature's tricks to lure people into union for procreation for the propagation of the race. It is also called nature's connection agent. This is the hometown of such expressions as love at first sight and falling head over heels and other expressions to justify hasty wrong decisions. Studies have shown that this ego/chemistry based love lasts for eighteen months and if you are unfortunate to marry someone on this basis, within this period, and as soon as the ego/chemistry impact wears off, every bad thing is possible with the marriage. Those who fell for this can still save their marriage if they would now start proper dating and courtship while still married. But it requires hard work. Most people do not do this, instead, they fight, bicker and more often than not, break up the relationship.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 Dating Tips For Women

Dating is meant to be fun, not stressful. If you've been dating for a while, then you probably think you know it all. You've had your share of heartbreak and have probably even broken a few hearts yourself. But no matter how long you've been dating, you could always use some tips to make the experience better.

1. Ease Into It

Of course you're on the prowl, but don't rush yourself. Ask yourself if you are truly ready to get out there and start dating again. If you've got way too many things on your plate at the moment, trust that the guy of your dreams will still be out there after you've sorted yourself out if it's meant to be.

2. Grooming

Before you go out on a date, try to look your best. While there this whole, "accept me as I am or don't like me at all" thing going on, it's still good to put on a nice outfit and groom yourself well in general. If nothing else, dressing up will make you feel a little more beautiful than you did before, and that in itself will make you more appealing to the opposite sex.

3. Don't Be Nervous

If it's been a while since you've went out, don't psyche yourself up too bad. Realize that there will be a lot of other guys on the scene who are just as inexperienced as you are, and even some who are first-timer's. There's a good chance you'll get hit on, particularly if you go to a bar or club, and if so, try not to pay any attention to those extreme flirts who make you feel uncomfortable. Just relax and try to have a good time.

4. Be Approachable

The best way to know how to become more approachable is to be aware of the things that make you unapproachable. Frowning and looking angry will let everyone know that they should stay away from you. Likewise, if you're too shy or nervous, you may not attract anyone at all. Being friendly and acting as if you are having a wonderful time is the best way to catch the attention of other guys, and it's also a lot less intimidating.

5. Careful How You Dress

You don't want to give anyone the wrong idea. No one wants to be labeled just another "one night stand". Wearing clothes that are too revealing will definitely get you a lot of attention, but it will ultimately not the the kind you want. You must make it a point to get your message across in other ways. Guys aren't that interested in a girl's heart and mind when she's half naked, but they're definitely interested in her body.

6. Adopt a Positive Attitude

Possessing a bad attitude about dating won't get you anywhere. For example, let's say you suffered from a bad relationship, and you now believe all men are the same. By making that type of generalized assumption, you've already determined your fate. Adopt a positive attitude and your dating experience will be smooth sailing.

7. There's More to Life Than Clubs and Bars

If you're looking for love, you probably won't find it at your local pool hall. You should expand your dating horizons by joining book clubs, social clubs, online dating sites, and maybe even just keeping an eye open on a day-to-day basis. A narrow mind won't get you anywhere when it comes to dating. Great guys can be found even at your local supermarket, you just have to be open and social!

8. Give Everyone a Fair Chance

When a guy approaches you, don't reject him before you get to know him a little more. It usually takes more than just a few conversations to get to know someone. If someone is truly interested in you, be appreciative of it because you never know when it could turn into something more. If nothing else, some guys can make great friends.

9. Don't be too available

What's the fun in dating if you're readily available to anyone anytime they need you? This is something that most people realize at a fairly young age, particularly within their first or second relationship. If you're too available, you end up unappreciated and taken for granted. It may seem unfair, but that's just the way it works. To make him sincerely want you, don't always be there.

10. Date Numerous People

Dating only one person at a time is okay, but if you're actively dating you can date more than one guy without being considered "a player". If you're looking for something more serious, then it may be best to date one guy at a time in order not to hurt any feelings. However, if you're simply looking to play the field, dating more than one guy is just fine - plus, it gives you a better idea of what's out there.

Remember that dating isn't meant to be a miserable experience. You may need to give yourself some time before dating again, however, especially if you've been in a previous bad relationship. Try not to take things too seriously at first, as seriousness when it comes to dating has a way of putting a damper on things. Just try your best to enjoy your experience and the people you meet.

Wadzanai Nenzou Is A Writer And Owner Of Inspirational Quotes Change Lives Website. She Is Interested In The Subject Of Love And Dating Quotes.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dating Advice: How to Spot a Love Rat

In the world of dating it is very important that we have our senses tuned into recognising a love rat. Love rats come in all shapes and sizes and are lurking everywhere just waiting to pounce. If you know what to look for you can save yourself a lot of time and heartache.

Love rats come off very arrogant and confident, as if they expect to be showered with attention and admiration. You may also notice when you are around them their eyes are wandering as if to check out to see who else they can victimise. Often being very flirtatious and overly engaging with everyone around them, and you may notice that they are often recognised, and may have quite a few competing for their attention.

Love rats will also be seen dating a lot of different people. They will be with someone new most of the time. They will engage in multiple conversations to see who will be most vulnerable to their advances. They are often very attractive and well-built and show off to those around them. The air of confidence they have is what inevitably makes them attractive to most.

Should you be out on a date with a love rat, you may see them checking their phones a lot, looking for missed calls and texts. You may find that they disappear, or are not available to you. They may have missing blocks of time, or you may catch them lying about where they have been. You may sense something strange is going on but they have their way of assuring you that everything is fine. Do not ignore your instincts, if you feel like something is not right, it is probably not.

With these tips above you should now be able to spot one a mile away. Should you decide to start dating a love rat, make sure that you don't see any signs that they are going to stray. Offer them a challenge, don't be so readily available to them. A love rat wants a challenge, and will take advantage of those who are doting. It is certainly possible for them to fall in love and be monogamous but be sure to have your guard up to protect your heart.

Many of us can't resist their charms, but all in all we would all be better off if we steer clear. In doing so you will save yourself a lot of stress.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Unselfish Love


I am ready for this... I have no question about the love I have for you... I feel no doubt at all. To live and share my life with you is what I want to build with you.

It is very difficult to have us together... Yet we fell all at once... Our meeting does something magic... True joy runneth all over within our soul... Our love grows more and more... We do love us...

In love there is no doubt to acquire things that we want, the construction of material wealth and all good things are possible Because love gives an incredible and enormous force... Believe and have faith that I really do love you, I LOVE YOU!


I love you, I love you, I love you, I said this to him before I close my iPhone and he said, "Me too, mmmwwahh, mmmwahhh," we both said good night then we closed. His work gives him so much stress at night but he manages to call me even at midnight or before he goes to bed. He will travel to Belgium to be with her... I trust him, I know him. Whatever happens between them I will always be near him. It may not always be in flesh but by thoughts and in our hearts we stay close together.

She stayed with Al even it involves a once and a while going to a distance. They met and agreed to work their relationship to end up to be together one day. She believes that love will grow but she does not feel the way she feels for him. She lives with him, they dream to have two kids, a boy and a girl. They even have names for them. But their situation made it difficult for them to continue at the moment although they promised to keep in touch.

She chose to give her focus now with her relationship to Al. She gives her best to maintain a healthy relationship with Al in spite of his work that involves to travel every now and then. But this does not bother her because she has a good job too. For now she just leave it to TIME. She moves on. Life is beautiful. She continues to be happy everyday and write more now as often as she feels like it, enjoying every single moment that she spends with herself.

Unselfish Love is what I like to call this article. A relationship between two people who stay to love each other even they are both seeing another people. Is this kind of piece would interest my readers and co-writers to comment on? I like to hear some feedbacks before I continue to write on this. Thanks.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do Women Really Love More Than Men?

Men are often made to look like they are the unromantic ones in most relationships and less romantic than women in general. At first glance, a good majority will unflinchingly say that women are the more romantic. However when it comes to the truly deep and important definition of romance, the opposite is often the case.

First point of consideration is that when it comes to falling in love, even at first sight, men are at the top of the ladder. Men generally fall in love faster than women and by the fourth date, statistics show that about 20 per cent of men would have fallen in love with a partner they are interested in.

On the contrary, 43 per cent of women still were not sure if they were in love by even the twentieth date compared to about 30 percent of men. Unlike men when entering into relationships, women are the more cautious about getting committed.

On the ideals of love, men are definitely more idealistic about the concept of love than a lot of women. According to a study in the book "The Incidence of Romanticism During Courtship" by C. W. Hobart, men were found to have more of an idealistic than practical view of love. Men are apt to believe that as long as there is true love between two people, they should be about just ok together.

When it comes to the issue of breakups, a study of 231 Boston couples by a group of Harvard University scientists found out that women were often the ones who suggested the separation.

And as if that was not enough, the poor guys are still the ones who suffer more after a breakup happens. Men showed far more depression, felt lonelier and less free after the breakup. They were often in a state of disbelief and felt that they could have salvaged the relationship if they had done this or that... all in self-guilt over the failure of the relationship.

Men generally find it more difficult accepting that a relationship is over and that they were no longer loved and that their spouse was actually out of their life.

To think of it, women even love their best friends more than their lovers. From a study on "The Nature of Love" by Yale University researchers, it was discovered that men love their lovers more when compared to others in their life. They liked and loved their lovers far more than their best friends.

Women were instead found to love their lovers and best friend almost equally with many of them liking their best friend more than their lovers.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kareena refuses to expose à la Mandakini

After going wet and wild in Asoka, Kareena Kapoor has put her foot down to not reprise Mandakini's waterfall sequence for the sequel of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. The actor is stepping into the shoes of the yesteryear actor in the film.

The portrayal of Mandakini, as we all know, cannot be complete without the famous waterfall sequence in Ram Teri Ganga Maili. But Bebo refused to do the scene as it required her to wear a white sari sans blouse.

According to sources, Kareena, who can get married to Saif anytime, doesn't want to take such career 'risks'. But director Milan Luthria has not given up yet. He is working on the sequence to make it convenient for Bebo.

Akshay Kumar plays a role inspired by Dawood Ibrahim. Kareena plays his love interest.


Monday, August 1, 2011

'Zindagi Na Milegi...' earns Rs.108 crore in 10 days

New Delhi, July 27 (IANS) Zoya Akhtar's "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara", a story of the adventurous road trip in Spain of three friends, is spinning magic at the box office - grossing Rs.108 crore in 10 days.

Released by Eros International, the film starring Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol, Kalki Koechlin and Katrina Kaif has earned Rs.86 crore at the domestic box office (net collection Rs.60 crore) and Rs.22 crore overseas.

The film released on over 1,800 screens.

"We are ecstatic with the audience as well as critics' reactions to 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara'. The superb run of the film so far, especially across multiplexes, has superseded all expectations and we are expecting the film to continue its excellent performance in the coming week as well," Nandu Ahuja, senior vice president (Distribution), India, Eros International Media Ltd, said in a statement.

The film opened to rave reviews and raked in Rs.52.50 crores worldwide in the very first weekend.

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