Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love & Romance - 3 Tips For Happily Ever After


How's your love life? Would you like to turn your lack luster love life into a juicy and delicious love affair? The key to a love life full of romance, passion and soul-to-soul connection is YOU. Whether you're single or in a committed relationship read on for the 3 secrets to "happily ever after."

#1 Sparkle: the first place to start is getting back your sparkle. This means falling in love with YOU! When you love YOU the world is a fabulous place to be! You're happy, you're excited, you're having fun, you're giving and receiving love - basically, you're living in abundance. Everything in your life is easier to stop taking things more dwelling on what's wrong because everything is sparkling, bright, and right!

#2 Confidence: men find women with confidence positively irresistible and sexy. Confidence says you love and respect yourself, you believe in yourself and you own your power. You exude an energy that's magnetic, magical and mesmerizing. You know who you are and what you want. You don't expect others to create your happiness.

#3 Laughing: - bringing play into your relationship opens the heart, adds adventure and lightens any mood. It will get your man to open up and talk more! When you have fun you are naturally more open. Most women love to gab and often complain their men don't give them enough feedback or share their feelings. When people are relaxed and enjoying themselves they communicate more.

So there you have it. Reconnect with the real YOU - find your playful, confident, feminine spirit and you'll transform your lonely, dull and disappointing relationship. There's no more waiting, no more disappointment, no more frustration and anger - when you love yourself you take your power back and you're able to create the delicious, juicy love life of your dreams.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Top 10 Greatest Love Songs of All Time

Love Song

Here we have a list of the top 10 greatest love songs of all time. These songs are some of the most powerful and inspirational love songs ever written. They are great for first dance weddings songs or whatever special occasion you are looking for.

10. Your Song - Elton John

Elton John's first pop hit, it was released in 1970 and continues to be played today. Chorus: "I hope you don't mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is while you're in the world."

9. You're Still the One - Shania Twain

Perfect for the First Dance at a wedding with the lyrics saying "looks like we made it". The song talks about how her love still survives and goes on even though the odds were against them. Chorus: "You're still the one I run to, the one that I belong to, You're still the one I want for life."

8. You're the Inspiration - Chicago

Written by Peter Cetera in 1984, it is a little bit more on the cheesy side, but nonetheless a great song classic love song. Chorus: "You're the meaning in my life, you're the inspiration."

7. Faithfully - Journey

"Faithfully" is about the relationship of a musician and his wife. He is saying that although he is constantly on the run, he will always remain faithful. A great slow song perfect for any occasion. Chorus: "Oh girl you stand by my. I'm forever yours, faithfully."

6. The Power of Love - Celine Dion

Originally recorded by Jennifer Rush, it was covered by Celine Dion in 1995 and is known as a popular love ballad.Chorus: "'Cause I'm your lady, and you are my man Whenever you reach for me, I'll do all that I can."

5. More than Words - Extreme

A power ballad released in 1991, "More than Words" is an acoustic slow song that asks the woman addressed to show love through a means other than words. Chorus: "More than words to show you feel, that your love for me is real."

4. Every Breath You Take - The Police

At heart the songs lyrics were written by Sting to his X-wife at the time of their divorce. However many do not know this and it to be a light hearted love song. We therefore deem this as a safe tune to be used at weddings and other positive occasions. Chorus: "Every bond your break, every step you take, I'll be watching you."

3. I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin McCain

A somewhat newer song released in January of 2000, this is a great slower love song with nothing but a positive message to offer. Chorus: "I could not ask for more than this time together. I could not ask for more than this time with you."

2. All My Life - KCi & Jojo

A popular slow jam for dances, this song became popular in the early 2000s and has our vote for the #2 greatest love song of all time. Chorus:"All my life, I've prayed for someone life you. And I thank God that I, that I finally found you."

1. Follow You, Follow Me - Genesis

At #1 we have "Follow You, Follow Me" by Genesis. It was their first worldwide pop success in 1978 and goes as #1 in our list of top 10 greatest love songs of all time. Chorus: "I will follow you, will you follow me? All the days and nights that we know will be."


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heavy Love

Heavy Love

That day I went to airport, the crowd was huge like millions of raindrops. Maybe it's because summer was almost over that all the students were trying to go back for school. There were a lot of young college kids with big luggage. And then there were also a lot of parents with them seeing them off. At the guest area, the atmosphere felt emotional as parents said goodbye to their children.

When the kids went to check out, parents could only wait on the side. When their kids returned, you could see them feeling relieved with joy. However, I realized that most of the children do not return the same emotion as their parents do. They didn't look like as if they didn't want to see them leave. That kind of scene only happened when they were saying goodbye to their lovers.

Stood beside me was a good looking middle aged woman. She wore sandals and you could see her toenails painted red. She stood there calmly as if waiting for someone. A little while later, a young man walked over pulling a big luggage. He looked angry and he shouted at the woman, "It's all because of you - telling me to bring more stuff! Now my luggage is overweight!" The woman replied with small voice, "How much overweight?" The guy shouted, "Ten kilogram!" Only a son to a mother would use this type of attitude.

Then the mother bent down to open the luggage. The son also got down and started taking things out of it. First, they took out two bags of washing powder. The son complained, "You put this in?!" Then they took out a bag of sugar. More complaining, "And this?!" Then they took out a few boxes of tea. Yet more complaining, "You just want to put everything in!" His mother didn't say a word. The son then started pulling out a bunch of stuff. It looked just like a yard sale. Finally, the son pulled out a few shirts, some pillows, and a quilt. Suddenly, the mother spoke, "You don't even want to bring the quilt?"

I couldn't stand it anymore. So I said to the angry kid, "That's not how you should speak with your mother. She only wanted the best for you. You should understand how she feels." The kid didn't reply but he stopped throwing things out of the luggage. The mother stood up and you could see her face was now covered with sweat. The kid without saying a word to his mom and walked off. All the stuff he took out still scattered on the floor for his mother to clean up. Afterward, I asked the mother where the kid was going. She told me that he's going to London to study.

Not long after, I saw a young lady walked toward her parents who were standing near me. She had the same angry facial expression as the kid before and she shouted, "Too heavy!" Her father, just like the previous mother, bent down to take things out of the luggage. The young lady stood aside cleaning her own face and hair. The father took out some stuff and the daughter yelled, "Those are things I want to bring!" The father felt bad and put them back in. The mother suggested to the father, "Let's take out the things you put in." Then he took out a bunch of health supplements and some quilt. The daughter looked annoyed, took the luggage and just left. I asked the parents where she's going and they said she's going to study in France.

A lot of single child think it's just normal to put all their frustrations and blames to their parents. They cannot yet understand the thinking and feeling of their parents. They can complain that their parents made their luggage too heavy. But they should never complain that their parents' love for them is too heavy.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Lose Love Handles


Love handles is the traditional term applied to describe the folds of extra abdominal fat that gives your belly an bulged out appearance. This term has been cited in literature from the 1960s. Some sources indicate that the phrase love handles mention the soft and supple region of a romance partner's stomach that is accessible to grab during a close wrap or a hug. Although some people accept the development of love handles as an unavoidable sign of aging, many don't and want to get rid of it. They feel that it destroys their good appearance. Here are some ways in which you can lose your love handles.

Avoid late night eating

Many people enjoy eating late at night especially at weekends after watching a movie or two with their families or friends. And sometimes late night eating becomes inevitable in cases when you come late from work. But have you ever realised that late night eating is the culprit behind your love handles? The reason behind late night eating making you put on weight is that at night there is no need for much physical activities. After eating, you may just sit and watch TV or straight away fall asleep. Since there is no energy consumption, the sugar level in your blood stream raises and the excess sugar gets stored as fat under your skin.

No saturated and trans fats please

Saturated fats mostly occur in animal products such as meat, dairy, seafood and eggs. It is also found in some plant based foods such as palm oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil. Saturated fats are bad fats that increase the total blood cholesterol as well as the level of bad cholesterol in your blood. Trans fats are formed as a result of hydrogenation and are found mainly in processed and packaged food products like hard stick margarine, microwave popcorn, French fries, etc. These are also bad fats.

Replace the above mentioned bad fats with good fats that comprises of the monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) and polyunsaturated fats. MUFAs play a great role lowering the total cholesterol level and the level of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) in the blood stream. Besides, it increases the level of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) in your blood. Avacado, walnuts, canola, peanuts, olive oil, pistachios and almonds are rich in MUFAs. Polyunsaturated fats also decrease the total cholesterol level and LDL level. Omega 3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats; and are contained in salmon and fish oil.

Avoid all processed foods

In the modern days, we get instant and very convenient form of foods. But little do we realise that these canned, processed and refined foods are a leading cause of the prevailing epidemic called overweight and obesity. Avoid all processed foods; switch on to fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are packed with loads of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. Besides, they are less in calories. You can take them in abundance. Include a minimum of 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

Shun alcohol

Avoid alcohol consumption as alcohol like beer consumption results in weight and fat gain that is concentrated in the belly region. Every single gram of alcohol has 7 calories in it. Besides, there is nutrient in it; and the entire thing is fat. So whenever you consume alcohol you are consuming fat that would obviously settle in your belly part. If you can't give up alcohol all of a sudden, try putting it off as an occasional drink. Always remember that moderation is the key.

Exercise regularly

If you want to lose your love handles and keep your flat abs forever, you have to inculcate regular exercising into your life style. Outdoor exercises like rowing, bicycling, swimming, hiking, running, walking, jogging and biking not only work well on your abs, but are also great ways to keep away boredom. In case you prefer indoor exercises, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, treadmill, stair climbers, stationary bicycles, ladder climbers, etc are good options. Mix in some abdominal exercises in to your exercise regime. Work out every day for at least 30 to 40 minutes daily.

Make your lower back strong

Here is an exercise to strengthen your lower back. Lay flat on your stomach, raise your feet and knees from the floor and flap your legs to and fro, pretending to swim in the air. Practice this for a period of 15 seconds, stop and relax for thirty seconds. Do this exercise for two times every day to strengthen your lower back. Strengthening your lower back muscles is needed when you strengthen your abdominal muscles for reducing your love handles. This is because your lower back muscles help you to strengthen your trunk and decrease the fat that is on your back.

Reduce sodium intake

Table salt, condiments, seasonings, soups and many other foods that are prepared contain sodium. Sodium not only increases your likelihood of getting a stroke or heart disease, but also makes way for water retention in your body which in turn makes areas like gut and love handles appear even more distinguishable. Therefore cut your sodium intake. Avoid processed foods that are sodium rich and do not add salt to the foods that you prepare.

Drink water

Probably this is the millionth time you are hearing this -"drink water", but this is the fact, a very important factor that contributes to weight loss is water. Drink three litres of water daily to lose those ugly looking love handles. Water cracks down hunger, lowers water retention that results because of excess sodium, metabolizes fat into energy, flushes out toxins, improves digestion, and keeps you hydrated and fresh all day long.

Count your calories

Record all your calorie intakes in a journal. Calculate how many calories you have consumed that day. Every single calorie counts. Always try and restrict your calorie intake to a certain level depending upon your lifestyle, age, gender and genetics. Generally average people require about 2000 calories every day. But for those opting for weight reduction, this amount is to be reduced to 1400 to 1800.

Award Winning Diet To Lose Love Handles

If you are serious about losing belly fat, checkout this award winning diet to lose love handles. Over 2 Million members have already opted for this diet plan with huge success. You will also get exclusive access to virtual trainers, online dietitians, fitness experts, a mentor, and a community support of 2 million members like you who want to lose weight.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Online Dating: Love, Virtual or Real?

Online Dating

Have you met someone online who you will wait at a certain time of the day just to chat with him? Does he make you smile every time he types a winking or smiling smiley? Or maybe have you find yourself in love with him or her already?

Some people may think it's impossible to fall in love by just chatting or talking to someone online. Actually when you really open your heart to possibilities, falling in love with someone you met online is possible. Online dating communities are improving their service for people to experience the joy of dating. It's not because it says online dating means it's impossible to fall in love with someone. There have been many individuals, men or women who have claimed that they do really fall in love with someone they met online.

It is always natural for humans to fall in love. Being attracted to a member of opposite sex takes place all the time. Real love and romance like online love can take place anytime. Usually it starts with back and forth communication, whether it's emailing or connecting with each other using social media like MySpace or Facebook. Like all things related to romance, you should be aware of the real deal before you fall in love someone online.

How would you know if it's real love or a temporary affection on an online date?

Like real love, online love also has signs. Honesty, respect and communication are some signs you have to look for within yourself and your online partner. Being honest with one another gives the relationship a strong foundation. No one wants to be committed in a relationship which is full of lies. Respect is another ingredient whether its online love or real love. Respecting each others view about something leads to acceptance of each others personalities. When you have accepted the good and the bad attitude of each, you will most likely enjoy the company of each other without being disappointed. Falling in love with someone real or online requires good communication. Proper and good communication lets you know more about each other. You can talk about every topic as long as you're already trusted that someone. By communicating with each other, you will know what topics are sensitive to him or her, and what things have his or her interest the most.

Falling in an online love with someone online is a great experience like falling in love with someone for real. Human beings are made to fall in love and feel affection towards another person. As long as you take notice and precaution in every thing that you do online, even falling in love can be as smooth as possible. You don't have to restrain yourself and hide your feelings. You have joined an online dating community to find a partner. Just always remember that behind each character or username you chat or talk online is a real person that has a big possibility of falling in love with you too.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kissing and the Second Date

Kissing and the Second Date

So, you're on the second date and she obviously likes you enough because she's out with you again. As many women commented in an online survey, the degree of further intimacy depends on how well you've connected with her. The message here is to take it slow, be yourself, be honest and show you're truly interested in her. Forty-two percent of all women still want a soft, sensual kiss with NO tongue when on a second date.

Thirty-one percent, however, said they want an all out kissing session, including tongue. Here's where you have to read her body language and follow her lead. If she offers up the tongue, then by all means, respond and use yours. But do not ever force a kiss on a woman, as it will turn most of them off. As noted above, a big no-no for women is the aggressive kisser. Keep it soft and sensual.

The idea is to follow her lead. It will be worth it to you. Don't be aggressive - it's a losing proposition at this point, unless you're sure of her feelings about you. Don't take that risk at this point - unless she gives you the go ahead. According to a survey at University of New York in Albany, a bad kiss can shut things down fast! It's called a deal breaker.

A rule of thumb: if it is not offensive to you and she indicates she wants it - why not? Be accommodating, because after all, you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose.

Peg Sausville created an online survey for women about what they want in the kissing experience. Over 300 women completed this survey and revealed candid details on what they really want in a kiss. Get the insider information and be a fly on the wall. Learn how to be the kisser every woman wants! If you are a woman and you know a man who would benefit from this information- send him here:


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Dating Love Advice-Three Tips for a Successful Date

Dating Love

Dating to most people is so stressful. So many people are so nervous that they forget things and become tongue tied and are not sure what to say or how to act. I know it can be nerve racking meeting someone for the first time and wanting to make a great impression. You need to just try and stay calm and realize that the other person is just as nervous and wants to make a good impression on you as well. Here are three tips to remember to help your date go great and can help make sure you get a second date.

1. Personal Hygiene: This could seem like one of those no brainers, but some people don't put forth the effort to take care of themselves. Your first date is the first impression you will make on this person and you want to make sure you are at your best. If you want to show someone that you don't care then body odor and bad breath is the way to go. If you like someone enough to go out with them then you should at least present your best self.

2. Pay Attention: It is so important to show your date that you are interested in them and in what they have to say. Make sure you have eye contact while talking. No one wants to sit across from someone that can't even bother to pick their head up and look them in the eye

3. Be Present In The Moment: Besides paying attention, you must be present during the date. You want to connect with your date. Asking questions about them and their life is the best way to show that you care enough to find out more about them. Don't forget to talk a little about yourself. You want to also show them that you want them to know you better as well.

Meredith Rose is a relationship expert and writes dating/relationship blogs, articles and newsletters for women and men. She has helped hundreds of people find TRUE LOVE!


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