Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Sky's Tears

Raindrops fall softly in the blue,
They whisper my name.
Tears from the sky,
Ice cold on my face.

I gaze into the water, as my heart breaks,
A silver mirror, a silver me.
Leaves drift across the wavering figure,
And I am broken, gone.

Voices whisper, eyes are looking,
As the rain falls unto me.
The trees stretch out their fingers,
Crying, wanting me.

Birds call sadly,
As my love drips off my cheeks.
I am shattered, a dropped mirror,
Broken as I weep.

The forest is crying, crying for me,
Every raindrop a tear from the trees.
I don't know I'm crying in the rain,
I don't know why it was me.


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