Friday, February 18, 2011

Get Over It! How to Move on From a Broken Relationship

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All love-born relationships have nothing in common except the thing that it hurts when we try to get over it. We all have different opinions on it and yet nothing comes to the rescue work when we have one of our closest friends going through it. So, does this article make it more important for all the listeners to read and understand it first? It would be better if one can decide it for itself. We need to go back and find the originating source of all the trouble and emotional turbulence that love attracts once it is over. Who makes it more damaging? Is it the person who has left for reasons or the one who is not willing to let it go because of the emotional stress it would cause once it is finally over? Love is actually behaving like a typical human mind here which does not know what is good for it.

The moment a relationship is broken, it soon gets over. Otherwise how would we have come to know about it? This is a tragedy in itself. We find it too early and even there was not a delay of split second to wait and see that if he or she would come back. The reason we are saying this over here is because we have been living with them for too long to understand that any chance of making the time run back in the near future is not possible. The next possible question arises is that why does it happen and why love was so blind that we weren't able to see anything in hand. Look, how easily love has been interchanged with deep sorrowing state of mind. Our mind would never like to believe that the love-partner has done something bad or some injustice was done to us rather we keep on asking ourselves that what was my fault. In such a situation, we become a sorry figure and instead of finding a way out the whole situation starts becoming murkier and shabby in appearance. There is a constant amount of fear that why I'm not being able to get over with it. There is every possibility that this feeling would stay there for lifelong period because the discussion or thought-process has been moving in one insignificant direction. It is simply forgotten that how you can control the outcome of his or her actions and we start inflicting more pain on the basis that if I have been hurt badly then surely I must have loved the other person more. The lone feeling that I have loved him or her more deepens the level of pain to an extent that it starts showing-up on occasions when we least expect it to or while busy discussing other things with colleagues. Once the barrier is crossed and we start sharing it with people at work, the risk factor comes into picture that we would never be able to get over it. Because we are actually telling them that I cannot get over it or I do not want to get over it because I had never done anything wrong. It is a common universal feeling to discuss that if I have done everything right then I am supposed to get all the good things back. All such emotions would leave you helpless and at a point of no return from where it would be impossible to make a successful comeback.

The best available methodology is to accept it first on the outer level of our physical being. The idea behind is to make it understand more easily and quickly because it is a basic human tendency to successfully survive and recover from physical injuries in a shorter span of time. This might sound unrealistic or way out of the track, but we are talking here about possible chances of moving ahead in life after a broken relationship. Love is a deep humanistic expression that can only be felt once in life, and if for some reasons it has gone bad for anybody then they would live the entire life as a by-product of what has happened in the past. It becomes difficult to understand that if we are mature enough to realize that love is a means to live life, then why we can't accept it that there would be other options available to us when results would eventually start showing up.

Humans know the price of cure and sometimes it is the price that they do not want to pay to make way for the new memories to take its place. It is worth-mentioning again that broken relationships soon get over. Love is often badly hurt by its own principle subject. It is our own inability to stand and face the truth or not able to go through the usual process of meeting new people and start a relationship from there, that we hold onto the last broken relationship and as a means to deny ourselves any chance of falling in love again. It would turn out to be a marathon discussion that if love happens once or more. So, we are not going to move in that direction. We need to get over the fear that we cannot love anybody else especially ourselves when something bad like this ever happens.

If love has ever to do something with the shape of human destiny, then it would never have made it impossible for humans to get over a broken relationship. It is actually the unrealistic size of human dreams that meets its own destiny than anything else being getting broken or shattered here. We need to be reminded here that love only procures love.

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