Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dating Love Advice-Three Tips for a Successful Date

Dating Love

Dating to most people is so stressful. So many people are so nervous that they forget things and become tongue tied and are not sure what to say or how to act. I know it can be nerve racking meeting someone for the first time and wanting to make a great impression. You need to just try and stay calm and realize that the other person is just as nervous and wants to make a good impression on you as well. Here are three tips to remember to help your date go great and can help make sure you get a second date.

1. Personal Hygiene: This could seem like one of those no brainers, but some people don't put forth the effort to take care of themselves. Your first date is the first impression you will make on this person and you want to make sure you are at your best. If you want to show someone that you don't care then body odor and bad breath is the way to go. If you like someone enough to go out with them then you should at least present your best self.

2. Pay Attention: It is so important to show your date that you are interested in them and in what they have to say. Make sure you have eye contact while talking. No one wants to sit across from someone that can't even bother to pick their head up and look them in the eye

3. Be Present In The Moment: Besides paying attention, you must be present during the date. You want to connect with your date. Asking questions about them and their life is the best way to show that you care enough to find out more about them. Don't forget to talk a little about yourself. You want to also show them that you want them to know you better as well.

Meredith Rose is a relationship expert and writes dating/relationship blogs, articles and newsletters for women and men. She has helped hundreds of people find TRUE LOVE!


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