Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heavy Love

Heavy Love

That day I went to airport, the crowd was huge like millions of raindrops. Maybe it's because summer was almost over that all the students were trying to go back for school. There were a lot of young college kids with big luggage. And then there were also a lot of parents with them seeing them off. At the guest area, the atmosphere felt emotional as parents said goodbye to their children.

When the kids went to check out, parents could only wait on the side. When their kids returned, you could see them feeling relieved with joy. However, I realized that most of the children do not return the same emotion as their parents do. They didn't look like as if they didn't want to see them leave. That kind of scene only happened when they were saying goodbye to their lovers.

Stood beside me was a good looking middle aged woman. She wore sandals and you could see her toenails painted red. She stood there calmly as if waiting for someone. A little while later, a young man walked over pulling a big luggage. He looked angry and he shouted at the woman, "It's all because of you - telling me to bring more stuff! Now my luggage is overweight!" The woman replied with small voice, "How much overweight?" The guy shouted, "Ten kilogram!" Only a son to a mother would use this type of attitude.

Then the mother bent down to open the luggage. The son also got down and started taking things out of it. First, they took out two bags of washing powder. The son complained, "You put this in?!" Then they took out a bag of sugar. More complaining, "And this?!" Then they took out a few boxes of tea. Yet more complaining, "You just want to put everything in!" His mother didn't say a word. The son then started pulling out a bunch of stuff. It looked just like a yard sale. Finally, the son pulled out a few shirts, some pillows, and a quilt. Suddenly, the mother spoke, "You don't even want to bring the quilt?"

I couldn't stand it anymore. So I said to the angry kid, "That's not how you should speak with your mother. She only wanted the best for you. You should understand how she feels." The kid didn't reply but he stopped throwing things out of the luggage. The mother stood up and you could see her face was now covered with sweat. The kid without saying a word to his mom and walked off. All the stuff he took out still scattered on the floor for his mother to clean up. Afterward, I asked the mother where the kid was going. She told me that he's going to London to study.

Not long after, I saw a young lady walked toward her parents who were standing near me. She had the same angry facial expression as the kid before and she shouted, "Too heavy!" Her father, just like the previous mother, bent down to take things out of the luggage. The young lady stood aside cleaning her own face and hair. The father took out some stuff and the daughter yelled, "Those are things I want to bring!" The father felt bad and put them back in. The mother suggested to the father, "Let's take out the things you put in." Then he took out a bunch of health supplements and some quilt. The daughter looked annoyed, took the luggage and just left. I asked the parents where she's going and they said she's going to study in France.

A lot of single child think it's just normal to put all their frustrations and blames to their parents. They cannot yet understand the thinking and feeling of their parents. They can complain that their parents made their luggage too heavy. But they should never complain that their parents' love for them is too heavy.


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