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Online Dating Tips

Online Dating Tips

Since the beginning of sexual reproduction on the earth, one sex of a species is always attracted to the other of the same. This is what is the law, the law of biology. Dating is a form of this. When we pass some time with someone of the opposite sex, especially someone attractive, we feel a kind of unknown gratification. So, going out with someone and being with him/her at a place and doing pleasant conversations is what is called dating. Definitions for dating are as many as there are different people. However, the first picture that clicks our minds when we hear the word is a table and a boy and a girl sitting silently over some very expensive food and gazing at each other.

Internet has, however, opened a new class of dating - the online dating. In online dating, the boy and the girl meet on the internet, over some chatting site or some dating site and then start their conversation through internet. They usually do so by typing messages to each other. Here are some online dating tips you can use to elicit better response:

1. Start With Simple and Innocent questions like, "Did you do something special today." For God's sake, don't start off with something like,"Do you love sex?"

2. Don't try to act too truthful. If you just want a short-term relationship, just use lies that may never be detected to impress her.

3. Don't start by talking about your past relationship. Talk something more pleasant.

4. Don't be too obsessive about an online date. Be prepared for the worst. Your e-girlfriend may even actually be a guy.

5. Never give your personal information to any online daters. They may be scammers.

6. Don't use your personal information even in the mail-id you use for online chatting.

7. Don't act too sentimental even if you have become, for the person. If you can, better avoid being sentimental at all. And remember, everyone likes smiling faces.

8. After online dating for a couple of times, try making a telephonic conversation with the one you dated with. Use your mobile for this.

9. If you get close enough, try asking for 2-3 photos; 2-3 will let you know if he/she is hiding something from you.

10. Try seeming moderate. Don't try to show your expertise in dating. Neither show that you are too naïve.

11. For men, it is suggestive that before they start one successful chatting, they should try contacting many women rather than trying persistently for one.

12. Your first approaching messages should be unique and better than the others send.

13. Be creative in choosing your user name. After all this is the first name she'll know you with.

14. For women who get hundreds of invitations, respond to as many messages as you can. If you are rejecting a man from the first message, you may be losing someone good.

So, as you take time to accept someone, also think twice before rejecting someone.

So, this is a lot in brief. I think, now you can do the job better.


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