Monday, June 27, 2011

Love Dating Advice - When Do You Say It?

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Saying the words "I love you" is a cornerstone in any relationship, and also one of the most stressful. For most people, the act of saying those three words is so scary because they are afraid that the feeling will not be mutual. When it comes to love dating advice, one of the most frequently asked questions has to do with when it is safest to utter those three words to your partner.

I believe that the best time to say you love the other person is when you truly mean it. This is a very honest way to go about the relationship, and it lets your partner know how you feel as soon as you feel it. Chances are, they might have been fretting over saying the words as well, and they might be relieved to hear you say it first.

So, what if they don't say it back? If they don't, it is likely because they are either surprised, or because they don't love you just yet. This is totally okay, as different people will arrive to the same location in a relationship at different times. Try not to be hurt if you don't hear those three words in return. Instead, take it in stride and give the relationship more time.

The best love dating advice I can give you is that there is no single "right" time to tell someone you love them, but the average is usually a few months depending on how much time you have spent together.

By following the love dating advice above, you can set yourself up so that you are not disappointed if you don't hear those words back from the one you love. Just remember not to be hurt about it and to give them more time to love you back.

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