Friday, August 5, 2011

Unselfish Love


I am ready for this... I have no question about the love I have for you... I feel no doubt at all. To live and share my life with you is what I want to build with you.

It is very difficult to have us together... Yet we fell all at once... Our meeting does something magic... True joy runneth all over within our soul... Our love grows more and more... We do love us...

In love there is no doubt to acquire things that we want, the construction of material wealth and all good things are possible Because love gives an incredible and enormous force... Believe and have faith that I really do love you, I LOVE YOU!


I love you, I love you, I love you, I said this to him before I close my iPhone and he said, "Me too, mmmwwahh, mmmwahhh," we both said good night then we closed. His work gives him so much stress at night but he manages to call me even at midnight or before he goes to bed. He will travel to Belgium to be with her... I trust him, I know him. Whatever happens between them I will always be near him. It may not always be in flesh but by thoughts and in our hearts we stay close together.

She stayed with Al even it involves a once and a while going to a distance. They met and agreed to work their relationship to end up to be together one day. She believes that love will grow but she does not feel the way she feels for him. She lives with him, they dream to have two kids, a boy and a girl. They even have names for them. But their situation made it difficult for them to continue at the moment although they promised to keep in touch.

She chose to give her focus now with her relationship to Al. She gives her best to maintain a healthy relationship with Al in spite of his work that involves to travel every now and then. But this does not bother her because she has a good job too. For now she just leave it to TIME. She moves on. Life is beautiful. She continues to be happy everyday and write more now as often as she feels like it, enjoying every single moment that she spends with herself.

Unselfish Love is what I like to call this article. A relationship between two people who stay to love each other even they are both seeing another people. Is this kind of piece would interest my readers and co-writers to comment on? I like to hear some feedbacks before I continue to write on this. Thanks.


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